Preparation for the Shoot


architectural Photography by Christy Armstrong

  • If you have items of value at your home or business that you don't want photographed please let me know.
  • Protect your family by removing your child's name from their bedroom wall if it is large enough to be legible in a photograph.  
  • Your address and detailed pictures of your home or business location will be online.  Think of other details that should not be visible online.



  • Have the yard mowed and blow off driveway or parking lot and walkways
  • Power Wash home or building, walkways and driveways if necessary
  • Trim trees and remove weeds from landscaping
  • Hide trash cans, recycle bins, water hoses and security signs
  • Pool Area:  Remove pool equipment, toys and security fence (if applicable)
  • Remove Holiday Decorations to avoid dating pictures


  • ​​Open window coverings where possible
  • Turn on all lights and lamps
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Turn off ceiling fans
  • Check for cleanliness
  • Hide chords on computer and office equipment
  • Clear out office paperwork and remove clutter from desks and counters
  • Depersonalize:  Remove large family photos
  • Bathrooms:  Put away toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, shampoo, soap
  • Kitchen:  Remove dishes from sink, counter clutter, magnets from refrigerator
  • Pet Items:  Hide food and water bowls, beds, and crates
  • Put away high chairs, booster seats, and toys
  • Store workout and medical equipment if possible
  • Make sure items stored under beds are not visible
  • Remove Holiday Decorations to avoid dating pictures